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Income Property in Calgary: What You Need to Know (pt. 3)

(Estimated reading time: ~6 minutes)

In our last blog post, we discussed 4 key considerations for income property investments in the Calgary real estate market. This blog post expands on one of those 4 key considerations – the ongoing costs that you need to consider before deciding to take the plunge and purchase a rental income property.

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With Reward Comes Responsibility

While property ownership has many advantages, it also has its fair share of responsibilities. Not only are you responsible for the obvious things like property taxes and maintenance/repairs, you’re also obliged to ensure that this income property is clean, safe, and ready for human residents!

You're also required

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Income Property in Calgary: What You Need to Know (pt. 2)

(Estimated reading time: ~3 minutes)

While investing in Calgary real estate offers some of the strongest ROIs in the country, investing in rental property isn’t for everyone. It’s a huge commitment, and while you may see big financial rewards as the owner of a rental property, there are also a number of risks to keep in mind.

A sudden downturn in the economy, fluctuations in the local job market, or even natural disasters can impact how much of a return this investment can give you. Many times, these risks can’t be predicted – but sometimes they can. Luckily, a knowledgeable, experienced realtor will be able to help you navigate these risks and guide you on the right path to income

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Income Property in Calgary: What You Need to Know (pt. 1)

(Estimated reading time: ~2 minutes.)

Income property in Calgary is a popular topic – and not just because of the hit HGTV show with the same name. With Calgary continuing to lead the way as Canada’s fastest-growing city, it’s no wonder why Calgary real estate continues to be such a hot market.

The current climate for buying and selling homes in Calgary is among the fieriest in the country. And with long-term population projections suggesting that people will keep flocking to our beautiful city for years to come, there really has never been a better time to invest in Calgary real estate than right now.

But what exactly is “income property” and is it really the right investment for you?

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