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We’ve all heard that Calgary real estate right now is a “buyers’ market”, which is great news for many folks! And here at Elite Home Real Estate, we’ve had a good number of calls from savvy homebuyers who aren’t just looking to take advantage of this buyers’ market – they’re looking to buy a home somewhere that will give them the biggest bang for their bucks, both now and down the road.

Cartoon of a Calgary homebuyer watering her money tree 

In our decades of combined Calgary real estate experience, our agents have learned a ton tricks for spotting the right neighbourhoods for wise property purchases… And one of the biggest tricks we’ve learned is to follow the money.

On the Right Calgary Real Estate Purchasing Path

But what does this even mean? Basically, communities that are experiencing

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When you’re putting your house on the market, preparation and presentation are two key ingredients to selling faster and for a better price. While there are many fast and easy ways you can make improvements to help the sale, many buyers are looking at homes online before deciding to see them in person. Staging a home for sale is a proven strategy to help your property sell more quickly and for more money.

cartoon cleaning up elite group house

By staging your home, you make it stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, showcase its potential, make it seem more spacious, and give buyers the confidence to make an offer. A small investment can reward you tenfold when your home sells. Follow these 9 easy tips for staging your home for a quick sale and get proactive about selling your

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How to Make Money in Calgary Buyer's Market

Calgary real estate finds itself in a buyer’s market. Calgarians looking to take advantage of the buyer’s market by getting valuable property at a discount would be well advised to do one thing: follow the money.  When there is a downturn in the market, investment tends to move towards real estate that is stable and likely to have long term value. So, where you see increasing investment after a recession, you are likely to find long term value. The trick is to buy in the right market before it gets saturated. Easier said than done. This article will help you get started by digging through the data to find where money is being invested right now and follow the money to the top buying hot spots.

calgary real estate investing


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Calgary Condos: What to Know Before Buying – Pt. 3

Condos. Love them or hate them, if there’s one thing you can find in abundance in Calgary right now it’s condos. Especially downtown. But in a housing market like Calgary’s, where larger single-family detached dwellings can be out of the price range for a great many folks, condo living is a very viable option!

 Cartoon of a man in a top floor condo unit

In part 1 of this mini blog series, we discussed some of the big things that folks who are looking at buying a condo in Calgary should be aware of – things like getting a certified, professional home inspection and reviewing the condo documents. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the smaller details of condo living – the “pros and the no’s” – based on the decades of combined

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While it’s true that no two homes sell the same – not even two homes of the same type in the same neighbourhood – it’s especially the case that no two luxury homes will sell the same way.

Realtors spelling success for luxury home listings 

When it comes to selling & buying luxury homes in Calgary, it takes an even more measured approach than selling any other type of real estate transaction.

The Matter of Matching Homes & Buyers

Rookie realtors will often take a “spray & pray” approach with their listings, which means they will plaster their newest listings in as many places as they can. Soon enough though, anyone with a shred of smarts will realize this is a giant time waster!

This “spray & pray” approach definitely gets more eyes on the listings, but it also gets a lot more people who

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Buying While Renting Is Tempting

A “rent-to-own” (or “lease-to-own” or “lease-to-buy”) home is an increasingly appealing option to homebuyers, both here in Calgary and across Canada. But when it comes to the details involved with this type of real estate purchase, a lot of prospective buyers and realtors are lacking some crucial information!

Cartoon of a realtor trying to fit puzzle pieces together

Fact is, rent-to-own real estate deals are a horse of a different colour – both a lease and a purchase offer, lease-to-buy property agreements involve some truly unique considerations... Luckily the good agents here at Elite Home Real Estate are here to give you the full low-down on this not-so-new (but definitely novel) approach to home buying! 

Considering a Rent-to-Own?

While hard statistics are

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First Time Homebuyers: What You Really Need to Know – Pt. 2

After years of hard work, scrimping & saving, and Heaven knows how long of actual searching, you’ve finally bought your first home... Exciting times!

In the midst of collecting and packing boxes, organizing (and perhaps even purging) your belongings, hiring a moving truck, and all the legal purchasing paperwork, you suddenly realize you’ve neglected 1 crucial thing: Making sure your new home is actually habitable when you move in!

 Cartoon of a first time homebuyer reviewing his long to-do list

That’s right – having a roof over your head and a room for your bed is great, but not if you’re freezing in the dark! You need to make sure your new place has all the utilities and services needed to survive in the

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First Time Homebuyers: What You Really Need to Know – Pt. 1

When it comes to buying your first home in Calgary, there is a lot for the inexperienced homebuyer to learn about. From what to watch out for before you buy to understanding the on-going responsibilities, obligations, and perks of home ownership – there's a lot for first time buyers to know!

One of the most important things that any home owner – first time or not – should understand is residential property taxes. Common questions include: How are Calgary property taxes even determined? Why do they differ, sometimes dramatically, from year-to-year? And just where does your property tax money even go?

Calgary real estate agents standing on puzzle pieces

All good questions! Read on for some of the

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Calgary Condos: What to Know Before Buying – Part 2

Condos in Calgary have an undeniable appeal for a lot of homebuyers. In addition to being a more affordable option than Calgary’s detached single-family dwellings and even townhouses, they also offer buyers a pretty low-maintenance lifestyle.

Imagine living in a community where weeding gardens, cutting grass, shoveling snow, and property repairs and maintenance are all taken care of for you… That’s condo life.

But what about a tangible ROI for your investment? Would a condo offer a similarly strong ROI as a house or townhouse?

Cartoon of a man putting a loony into a piggy bank

Both are good questions. Read on to find out their answers.

Property Assessments and Assessing Your Property Options

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Calgary Condos: What to Know Before Buying – Part 1


In our decades of experience, the good agents here at Elite Home Real Estate have learned that summer is the #1 season for first time buyers. In fact, the number of first-timers that we help is consistently the highest during this season than any other time of the year... And for a whole lot of first time buyers, condos are the property type of choice.

Thing is, we’ve also learned that very few buyers – first timers or not – are 100% aware of the many ways in which owning a condo differs from owning a house or even a townhouse. It’s with this in mind that we write this blog series, “Calgary Condos: What to Know Before Buying”… Because a little bit of

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